International Staff Exchange Programme

Exchanges are one means of broadening an individual's experience and the organisation's overall capability. Many park agencies have long recognised the benefits of exchange programmes - sharing skills, ideas, best practice and developing their staff.

Agency registrations for the annual exchange are now open. Click here to register.

What is an international staff exchange?

International staff exchange is a programme developed by Parks Forum and supported by the Department of Conservation, New Zealand, and the EUROPARC Federation (our delivery partner in Europe). It is an exchange of staff between parks agencies, and ultimately an exchange of skills, knowledge and best practice. Exchanges may include:

  • Study tours
  • Job shadowing
  • Back filling staff positions (in emergency situations)
  • Accelerated learning exchanges
  • Seasonal exchanges
  • Management Exchanges
  • Direct job swaps
  • Project based exchanges

The duration of an exchange may vary from 3, 6, or 12+ months

Parks Forum facilitates the International Staff Exchange Programme through promotional and logistical support, by linking the home and host agencies together to find the best candidate for the best position.

Where can I go?

Exchange destinations will depend on where positions are available. Parks Forum will work with the best interests of home and host agencies and the exchangee to find suitable location for an exchange. For a list of agencies who have registered in the International Staff Exchange Programme, please refer to the 'Participating Organisations' link.

What will the costs be?

  • Parks Forum will recover the costs of running the programme, so there is a service fee for agencies, for each exchange undertaken. This fee is discounted for Parks Forum members.
  • The home agency may contribute to the development costs of the staff member undertaking the exchange (for example, direct travel costs).
  • The exchangee is generally responsible for any additional cost that may be incurred while on exchange. 


EUROPARC Federation and the African Safari Lodge Foundation are our delivery partners in Europe and South Africa respectively, and will assist their members to participate in the International Staff Exchange Programme.

To view the International Staff Exchange Programme Brochure, please click on the link below.

To view the International Staff Exchange Programme Guidelines, please click on the link below.

"The exchange to Jasper in Canada gave me the opportunity for accelerated learning in a new and diverse environment and a deeper appreciation of my role in Parks Victoria." Yasmin Aly from Parks Victoria on exchange in Jasper Canada