Peer Review Guidelines

A key component of the Peer Review Program is consistency in the process used to organise and conduct the review. 

The Peer Review Guidelines have been produced to describe the key steps that a host agency needs to undertake, including:

•    Assessing eligibility
•    Initiating a Peer Review
•    Funding of a Peer Review
•    The Peer Review Team
•    Interviews
•    Documentation, interviews and site visits
•    Preparing the Peer Review Report

The Parks Forum Secretariat works closely with the host agency to select the Review Team and coordinate the Peer Review. The Program Manager liaises with the participants to ensure that there is a good understanding of the process and the aim of each peer review. 

In addition to the Guidelines, the Program Manager can provide assistance to the Peer Review Team by supplying templates for preparing the report and coordinating interview schedules, travel and logistics support. Once the Peer Review has been conducted Parks Forum works with the Review Team and host agency to finalise the report and evaluate the process to identify successful outcomes and opportunities for future improvements.

Old Timberline Trail, image courtesy of Department of Environment and Conservation, WA, photographer Henderson